Medicare : A Type Of Insurance For The People Of Age 65

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It has come to my attention that not everyone is aware of Medicare and its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, I would like to educate all the healthcare careerists to understand the concept of Medicare. Medicare is a type of insurance for the people of age 65 or older and also for the people with permanent disabilities and diseases. This program was established in 1965 under Title 18f the Social Security Act and was made available to all eligible people as a health insurance regardless of their status or income. According to “A Primer on Medicare”, In 2015 Medicare provided health insurance coverage to 55 million people: 46 million people ages 65 and older and 9 million people with permanent disabilities who are under age…show more content…
Everyone has to pay a deductible each benefit period except for the people in hospice. Part B (Supplementary Medical Insurance) covers outpatient, physicians’ pay, and preventive services. This program also pays for medically necessary services which include services or supplies needed to diagnose an individual’s medical condition. The preventive services offer mammograms and screening required for detecting in early stage. Under this plan, the enrollees will not be required to pay the copay, because general tax revenues and premium contributions funds Part B. Part C (Medicare Advantage program) that allows people to enroll in additional health plan choices like HMO and PPO. This program is for the individuals enrolled in Part A and Part B, but individuals under Part B are still required to pay their premiums. Along with Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), Part C also offers Medical Savings Account (MSA) and Private Fee-for-service (PFFS). Part D is a Prescription Drug Coverage that was added to the Medicare program in 2003 under the Modernization Act (MMA). This is the program where enrollees have to pay a monthly premium for the prescription drugs except for the individuals who have low income. Under this program, low income people will automatically get enrolled in the program without having to pay a premium. Each Medicare Prescription Drug Plan has its own
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