Medicare Expansion Of The New Program

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enrolled in the new program. The $8 billion includes the state share of costs for both newly eligible adults and the additional Medicaid participation among currently eligible populations that would result from expansion. If all states implemented the Medicaid expansion, federal spending would increase by $800 billion, or 21 percent, compared to the ACA with no states implementing the expansion (Holahan, et al., 2013). Therefore, although the increase in spending per state is relatively small, the cost to our nation is exponential. With the national debt growing day by day, many believe that an exponential increase in national spending is a difficult thing to justify. Quality Once Medicaid beneficiaries gain access to the health care system, they receive inferior quality of care compared to patients with private insurance. Research was done on patients treated for multiple types of heart attacks and other cardiac diseases. For example, patients with non-ST segment elevation acute coronary syndromes, a form of heart attack, benefit significantly from innovative therapeutic approaches, including minimally invasive strategies for management. According to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, however, Medicaid patients who suffered from this same form of heart attack were less likely to receive evidence-based therapies and had worse outcomes (O’Shea, 2012). Similarly, Medicaid patients had higher mortality rates than patients who had private insurance. This
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