Medicare Insurance : A Federal Health Program For An Individuals Between The Age 65 And Older

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What are Medicare insurance? Medicare are a federal health program for an individuals between the age 65 and older. Medicare has also helped certain younger people whom suffer from some type of disability and also help individual with kidney failure and need to place on a dialysis machine or need an organ transplant. Medicare insurance was created in the year 1965 it was signed by president Lyndon b, Johnson to help those American at age of 65 who was not covered by health insurance received some type of insurance this insurance will be called Medicare . In the year 1972 Medicare starts to expand their program to people with disability and also patient suffering from kidney failure that required dialysis or needed an organ transplant to…show more content…
The Medicare mission statement state that they want to improve the patient care experience and also make progress on patient quality by working on six medicine fields Safety, Effectiveness, Patient-Centeredness, Timeliness, Efficiency, and Equity. Medicare also wants to motivate better health for entire populations by going after idleness physician, social health risk factors, and improve nutrition. The most important is helping American lower care cost by reducing monthly expenses for health insurance like Medicare and Medicaid. What is Medicare Requirement? In order to enroll in Medicare insurance an individual must be 65 and older or suffer from some type of disability. If an individual meets the requirement, then they must fill out a survey to see if they are eligible for Medicare. The first question has entered your date of birth, then ask if you ever paid Medicare in the last ten years, the third question have you lived in U.S., the four questions do you receive benefits through your spouse 's current employer, and finally question is you currently enrolled in Type A & B program. Once you click submit button it will explain if you’re eligibility for Medicare and the different program you eligible to enroll and also see if you are qualified for free premium because the benefit receive from your spouse 's employer or you must pay the monthly premium. A premium is a monthly amount you pay for Medicare Coverage or Medical insurance plan. For individual with Medicare
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