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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of two federally and/or state funded programs. The programs that will be discussed are Medicare and Medicaid. In this paper will be information about who receives Medicaid/Medicare, the services offered by these programs, and those long term services that are not. Medicaid Medicaid is a joi8nt federal and state program. It provides health coverage to nearly 60 million Americans including children, pregnant women, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. As well as those people who are eligible to receive federally assisted income. Eligibility does however vary state to state. Medicaid may help pay for: Doctor bills, hospital bills, prescriptions, vision care, dental care,…show more content…
Medicare Part C is Medicare Advantage Plan. This a Medicare health plans that is offered by a private company. It contracts with Medicare and provides all the benefits of Part A and B. Medicare Advantage Plans include: Health Manteca Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee for Service Plans, Special Needs Plans, and Medicare medical Savings Account Plans. Most plans offer prescription drug coverage Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. It’s the newest part in Medicare. It adds prescription drug coverage to original Medicare, some Medicare cost plans, some Medicare PPS plans, and Medicare Medical Savings plans. Beneficiaries choose the drug plan and pay a monthly premium. Medicare doesn’t pay the largest part of Long Term Care services or personal care. Medicare will pay for a short stay at a Skilled Nursing Facility, hospice care, or home health if an individual meets these conditions: * Prior hospital stay of at least three days * Admitted to a Medicare certified nursing facility 30 day prior to hospital stay * If skilled care is needed Medicare will pay for some of the cost for 100 days. First 20 days they pay the full amount and from 21 days to 100 the individual pays $140 of expenses. Medicare covers hospice if you have a terminal illness and aren’t expected to live more than six months. However it doesn’t cover grief counseling. Conclusion In conclusion, Medicare and

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