Medication Administration Errors Essay

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Medication-administration errors in an urban mental health hospital: A direct observation study This research was embarked upon to present medication errors throughout a United Kingdom mental health hospital and to explore the dynamics that may cause an increase in medication administration errors. An evaluation of articles printed between 1963 to December 2013 was completed in order to find how many had been published on medication administration errors in mental health hospitals by direct observation. Out of 106 articles published there were only 2 that correlated with the mental health background. The theoretical or conceptual framework is described: The theoretical research shows that medication administration errors are more…show more content…
Secondary sources were also used when the research embarkedc by using previously published articles from 1963-2013. Studies are critically examined and reported objectively: The study reported limitations due to it being based only in the United Kingdom and that there may be variances if the research was performed at other hospitals around the world. The most common medication administration error found was an incorrect omission (Cottney & Innes, 2015 page 65). The most frequent medication dispensing errors were: 1) wrong amount 2) wrong method 3) wrong time. During the study four factors were found to amplify medication dispensing errors. They were: 1) nurse interruptions 2) increased PRN doses given 3) high patient volume 4) high volume of medications scheduled. The research also shows when using the direct observation method, the error rate spotted does not differ between study durations, having numerous evaluators or when the evaluator steps in to avoid a potential medication administration error to the patient. The literature review is organized so that a logical, unfolding of ideas is apparent that supports the need or the research and where to conduct future studies: The article was organized in a logical order,
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