Medication Administration Errors Essay

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In today’s current fast-paced and demanding field of heath care, medication administration has become complex and time-consuming task. Approximately one-third of the nurses’ time is used in medication administration. There is much potential for error because of the complexity of the medication administration process. Since nurses are the last ones to actually administer the medication to the patient therefore they become responsible for medication administration errors (MAE). Reasons for MAE may include individual factors, organizational factors or system factors. This paper will discuss the root causes analysis of MAE and strategies to prevent them. Root Causes – Fishbone Diagram Communication Wieman TJ and Wieman EA (2004)…show more content…
Those nurses may not have acquired the skills necessary to anticipate the needs of the team members. Moreover, they may not have learned how to cooperate, communicate, and integrate care. And, they fail to evaluate and adjust to their actions and are not able to give and receive feedback. They do not apply their knowledge and critical thinking to understand the current situation and how to act upon it. Some of the other factors that also contribute are lack of awareness of errors, lack of willingness to report errors, faulty memory, poor communication skills, or lack of patient knowledge, patient diagnosis and the names, purposes, and correct administration of the medication (Carlton & Blegen, 2006). In the case scenario, the nurse did not apply her knowledge to check the correct adult dosage of methadone. Methadone is a narcotic pain reliever, similar to morphine (Hodgson, 2011). When administering narcotics, it is required to have someone co-sign the MAR sheet to double-check with you (by using the five rights). The nurse was not able to use her critical thinking when she administered methadone. If she was a trained nurse, she would have realized it right away that there is something wrong with the dosage amount. There is a big difference between milliliter and milligram. Fatigue/ Scheduling According to Cohen M. R.
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