Medication Error

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1. Critical analysis of an issue in the clinical area
a) My topic is Medication Error.
b) I choose this topic because during my experiences in clinical area as well my experience in Hospital where I worked, I have came across different types of medication errors which involve patients and this could be a cause for serious problems to patients and in some cases will lead to death. It is a serious matter. Also drug error can have bad effect on nurses, both personally and professionally.
C) Problems that I have identified regarding this topic
In Medical ward, CRF and DM patient was advised to give injection Human Mixtard 10 units BD (10 units before breakfast and 10 units before dinner). And it was advised to give the injection
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(Institute of Medicine (IoM) Strategies Regarding Medication Practices, 2005).
 Prescribers should avoid use of abbreviations. (National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention by Gail Zyla, MS, RD 2008).
 Use special procedure for the use of high-risk medications using a multi-disciplinary approach, including written guidelines, checklists, pre-printed orders, double-checks, special packaging, special labeling, and education. (Institute of Medicine (IoM) Strategies Regarding Medication Practices, 2005).
 All persons who administer medications should have adequate access to patient information, as close to the point of use as possible, including medical history, known allergies, prognosis, and treatment plan, to assess the appropriateness of administering the medication. (National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention).
 Make sure you can read the prescription and directions for use. If anything is illegible, ask the prescriber to re-write or type it.
 Include the age and when appropriate, the weight of the patient, on the prescription or medication order.
 Use patient’s full name and also write bed number in the prescription to avoid confusion with other patients.
 Be careful when administering medications where there is more than one patient on the unit with the same name.
 Write route
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