Medication Errors And Its Effects On Health Care

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Medication errors have always been a problem; even today they still loom about health care facilities such as hospitals and assisted living homes. A medication error is as an error in the process of providing care for a patient that has potential to harm the patient. There also many different ways those medication errors can occur, prescription, preparation, distribution, transcription, administration and monitoring. “It has been estimated by the Institute of Medicine that medication errors cause 1 of 131 outpatient and 1 of 854 inpatient deaths,” (Wittich et al, 2013). Of those different ways medication errors can happen, all of them have multiple factors that go into them that can cause an error to occur. Medication errors cause many…show more content…
The five rights are something that every person administrating drugs should know about and should use each time drug administration is being given to a patient. Later on there will be a discussion about the five rights and what should be done in preventing medication errors.
The definition of a medication error is, an error in the process of administrating medication, which has the potential to lead to and possibly, harm to the patient. In an article written by Teunissen et al, “38% of all serious medication errors are related to medication administration and that the other medication processes (i.e., ordering, transcription, and dispensing) accounted for 39%, 12%, and 11% of all serious medication errors, respectively,”(Teunissen et al, 2013). They found that time sensitive medication errors are the most common. This study used different types of medications, including those medications that react with food. There was a variety because some medications aren’t as time sensitive as others may be. They concluded that time sensitive errors are clinically relevant in very few cases. Although the relevance of time errors may be small compared to other errors, clinical consequences may still occur as a result and a reduction of this type of errors would still be favorable, (Teunissen et al, 2013).
Other classifications of medication errors include prescribing and monitoring. Prescribing and monitoring errors occur because
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