Medication Errors Common Type Of Medical Error

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Medication errors commonly occur in healthcare facilities. According to the Joint Commission, these medication errors are believed to be the most common type of medical error and are a significant cause of preventable adverse events (The Joint Commission, 2008). Many experts agree with the research that medication errors have the potential to cause harm within the pediatric population about three times as higher than in the adult population. This is due to medication dosing errors that are weight-based dosing calculations, fractional dosing, and misplacement of the decimal point that can lead to overdosing or under dosing (The Joint Commission, 2008). Children are at greater risk than adults for medication errors because they have an immature physiology as well as developmental limitations that affect their ability to communicate and self-administer medications (The Joint Commission, 2008). Another important factor is that the great majority of medications are developed in concentrations appropriate for adults; therefore, pediatric indications and dosage guidelines often aren 't included with a medication, necessitating weight-based dosing or dilution (The Joint Commission, 2008). The need to alter the original medication dosage requires a series of pediatric-specific calculations and tasks, each significantly increasing the possibility of error (The Joint Commission, 2008). Additionally, an observation of safety regulations and practices by Nemours Children’s

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