Medication Managment

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MEDICATION MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW OF MEDICATION MANAGEMENT Depending on the size, structure and functions of the health facility, there may be a pharmacy with qualified pharmacists to dispense medication, or medical and nursing personnel may issue certain medications within the service. Whatever the system, the health facility implements systems to ensure, that all pharmaceutical practices are in accordance with current legislation. Medication management is not only the responsibility of the pharmaceutical service but also of managers and clinical care providers. Medical, nursing, pharmaceutical and administrative personnel participate in a collaborative process to develop and monitor the policies and…show more content…
Deep freezers and refrigerators are defrosted when necessary. Doors, hinges and seals are all functional. 11.2.1 Criteria The design and layout of the pharmacy must permit a logical, safe flow of work, adequate storage space, effective communication and supervision, and ensure effective cleaning and maintenance. Secure facilities for the storage of medications include, but are not limited to, lockable storage facilities, ceiling cages, burglar guards and alarm systems with keypads. The storage area is easily accessible from the dispensing room. Medication storage areas are protected from heat and light and are effectively ventilated. A dedicated refrigerator is available for those medications requiring storage at low temperatures. A monitoring log is kept of the temperature within the refrigerator and/or cold-chain monitors; any remedial action taken is recorded. The work bench for preparing medicines for dispensing should be clean, tidy and well organised. The area where medicines are dispensed to the patients is easily accessible, adequately furnished and allows for reasonable privacy when advice is given. 11.3 Policies and procedures 11.3.1 There is a collaborative effort to develop and monitor policies and procedures for the pharmaceutical service. Intent of 11.3.1 Safe
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