Medication Best Practices Essay

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Best Practices to adopt whenever administering medication
Andrew Pfaff
Nightingale College of Nursing
Pharmacology 210
Mr. H

Best practices to adopt whenever administering medication.
Safe medication practices are key to every nurse since it results to safe medication administration. When medication is not administered correctly it results to adverse drug event which refers to harm to the patient that includes mental harm, physical harm, or loss of function which is as a result of a medication error (practices, 2017). Medication errors occur when a mistake is committed by a person administering medication and in order to avoid these errors safe medication practices need to be adhered to. Some of these
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should be administered immediately in emergency situations to prevent patient harm This is important for easy administration in case of an emergency so as to prevent any harm on a patient. One should be diligent in all medication calculations
This is important for the purpose of avoiding dosage errors that may come about therefore the use of automated dosage calculations whenever possible, especially with IV infusion pumps, is important in eliminating dosage calculation errors. Communicate with your patient.
Before and after administration a nurse should provide a patient with information concerning medication and answer any concerns that a patient could be having regarding dosage and even special considerations (Glynda Rees Doyle, 2016).
Report all near misses, errors, and adverse reactions Whenever there is an error or miss reporting allows for analysis and identification of potential errors, which can help in improving and sharing of information for safer patient care (Glynda Rees Doyle, 2016). Administration of medication should be done in a scheduled and timely manner A nurse should maintain doses administration as per repeated cycle of frequencies every 4 hours or 3 hours per day. Guidelines that facilitate the administration of time-critical
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