Medication Reconciliation Is The Process Of Gathering All The Medications

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Medication reconciliation Mediation reconciliation is the process of gathering all the medications, including over the counter meds, herbal supplements, and multivitamins a patient is taking regarding their care. Within the parameters of mediation reconciliation, dosage, frequently, name,and route are the prime factors of developing a medication regimen. The goal of knowing all medications of a patient before continuing with care or being admitted to specialized settings like hospitals or clinics will avoid over-medicated adverse effects and possibly death. According to the article, Medication Reconciliation to Facilitate Transition of Care after Hospitalization states that, “ It is estimated that 20% of patients experience adverse effects during the two weeks after hospital discharge (2015). With that in mind, image ho many patients experience this disparity throughout their lives with the advised medications given at the hospital. The nurse, as well as the patient and their families should be encouraged to be more involved in their care to avoid inadvertent inconsistencies across the transition of care between admission, transfer, and discharge from and to specialized settings. Aside from preventing medication errors, we as nurses, can support the patient 's safety as the first line of defense in battles against unsanitary and explosive adverse effects that results from inadequate nursing skills. With the advances of technology and improvements in nursing

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