Medication Used During Childbirth

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More women request an epidural than any other method of pain relief. More women giving birth use epidural anesthesia. The purpose of an epidural is to stipulate numbness and relief of pain. Epidurals restrict nerve impulses from the lower spine. I do not cope well with pain and from what I’ve heard the pain a woman feels while giving birth is indescribable. The benefits of having an epidural is that it provides continuous pain relief to the lower part of the body. The medication is given through a catheter – a very thin, flexible, hollow tube – that's inserted into the epidural space just outside the membrane that surrounds the spine. I would choose this method to help to ease any type of pain that I am experiencing. As far as I know its just medicine. For example when you have a headache you would take aspirin to help relieve the pain. After doing some research on an epidural and learning what it actually is, I would definitely reconsider my choice. Like any other medication, an epidural also has side effects. Some side effects may include but are not limited to: infection, bleeding and nerve damage. Aside from those side effects, the baby can also experience problems breathing and breastfeeding. Knowing what I know now I will consider to a natural birth. Although the epidural will ease my pain, the after effect of the medication is what frightens me. Babies born…
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