Medicine And Health Care Are Two Of The Many Things We

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Medicine and health care are two of the many things we as Americans have the privilege to take for granted. However, America was not always the gold standard of medicine and surgery as it is today. Many widely accepted and professional techniques that were used in the 1800 's would be considered barbaric, medieval, and would almost certainly be illegal in the modern day. Obviously, one must begin a study of American history at its beginning. Because wars always show the most grotesque of disfigurements, I will naturally begin at the American revolution. The medicine practices of the period in America were essentially a mirror of the practices employed in Europe. As with many things, Great Britain was the primary role model for…show more content…
Often in the morning the dead were found with the living.” On the other hand, the New York Hospital was said by Dr. Jones to be a very spacious hospital. A ward designed for eight patients was stated to be “twenty-four by thirty-six feet, and eighteen feet high”. America 's hospitals were relatively new, compared to other countries ' hospitals, such as the Hotel-Dieu de Paris, which was built originally in 651.3 A public-service hospital was originally proposed by Samuel Bard in 1742. In the closing statement of his discourse, he states the general goal of a public hospital; “Such a one I hope e 'er long to see rise up amongst us, and may the Blessing of the Poor, and the Applause of the Good and Humane, be the Reward of his Assiduity and Labour.”4 This sums up quite well the intent of early hospitals, that is in treating the sick and the infirm, as opposed to providing emergency trauma care. But as fate would have it, a war would soon be waged, and the hospitals would become archaic, as doctors were not well educated on how to perform effective and safe surgery. Although the few American hospitals were generally better in quality compared to others ', the care that they provided was startlingly low-quality and often revolved around the use of quite dangerous and strong drugs. Blood and limbs were shed, not because doctors tried to destroy life and limb, rather, because they did not understand how to treat patients properly. James Tilton said, rather

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