Medicine And I Were Not Love At First Sight

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Medicine and I were not really love at first sight. In fact, medicine would dress up as an Oncologist and drop me off to school every morning, but still no love. If anything, I hated it since I would see sick and sad people as I would wait on my father to finish his clinic on our way home. To me these patients were nothing more than a hurdle between me and my Nintendo and Sega. It was during one of those traffic jams on our way home that my emotions boiled over and I blurted out, “What is it that you do, delay the inevitable. Make their existence more painful and miserable as they wait on becoming a worm buffet. Torture them with your chemicals and radiations until they blink eternally. What?” I am glad I wasn’t my father that day or I would have lost it, Medicine aka dad did not. That day, he should have given me a piece of his minds but instead he opted for giving me a piece of his heart. Having gone through the motions of school and feeling lost all along, I had finally found the path in my life, that too in the most unlikely of places… a traffic jam. Life just switched gears. A lot of hard work went into getting from that traffic jam to medical school. Basic science years taught me all about the structure and function of the miracle that is the human body. Clinical rotations taught me that there was a lot more to that structure and function then I thought, and what I was taught. The more I learnt the more I felt I needed to learn. An unquenchable thirst, at times

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