Medicine And The Medical Field

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Medicine is an often-subjective term with many options. Medicine or the medical field usually holds more than a thousand of different treatments to treat illnesses and ailments of all kinds. Many are of the normal variety and can be easily treated with medication, some are usually and easily fixed through surgery and then there are others that are treated through alternative measures often referred to as Alternative Medicine. Alternative Medicine is any range of medical therapies that are not regulated as orthodox by medical professionals. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine known for its unique healing abilities throughout the alternative medicine real but better defined in this direct quote from the center of integrative medicine at…show more content…
These new methods of practicing Reiki is what the United States knows to be the norm and expected practices (Barret M.D.). Reiki advocates believe that a balance between spiritual awareness, versatility, energy harnessing potential and moral standing is what allows the transferal of energy to be so potent as it is transferred to the patient. Therefore, the Reiki practitioner is expected to live by a standard of conduct, while religion is not required they do insist practitioners have a spiritual guide of whatever form, have the ability to maneuver between different setting and adapt to the Reiki receivers needs, have a strong belief in the power of Reiki so that the energy can reach its highest aptitude, while living a morally sound life outside of practicing Reiki so that negative energies are not transferred. The art of Reiki today is said to be both powerful and gentle by its believers. While staying strongly associated with having the ability to virtually heal any and every illness and injury. Along with holding the capacity to act as a booster to common methods of therapy, to assist in helping common methods reach the full epitome of healing. Reiki supporters say that if Reiki is added as a form of rehabilitation to any recovery process the recoveree will heal mentally and physically
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