Medicine As A Career Life

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Beginning from a young age, I have always considered medicine as a career because I have always enjoyed sciences, and I’ve always wanted to be able to make an impact in people’s lives. However, it was not until 10th grade, when I undertook work experience at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital that it was consolidated. The doctor that I followed had a patient who had previously seen her before about issues with the nerves in his leg. He came to her and told her that he had seen many other doctors before, and not one could figure out what was wrong with him, and eventually concluded that there was nothing they could do. You could see how frustrated and upset he was, because he knew that it wasn’t normal, and he wanted help. The doctor was so understanding, and she ran an EMR on him, and although she couldn’t figure out what was wrong, she told him that no matter what, she would try to figure out how to help him. He and his brother were so thankful, and you could see how delighted they were to find someone who was just willing to try to help, and seeing how happy they were brought me an immense feeling of joy that was indescribable. Just knowing that you can give someone hope, that was best feeling ever, because I know myself, how much hope can do for patients and their families. My great aunt was actually diagnosed with Cancer a few years ago, and in September last year, she was notified that her Cancer came back. It was so heart breaking to have something we thought we wouldn’t

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