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medicine at the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo (Stenson par. 22). This loss of motivation can also lead to the overwhelming of children. The overwhelming feeling tends to come from continuing in the activity because they feel they must. Children that feel an immense amount of pressure from parents and a fear of injury often become extremely overwhelmed, which leads to problems in a child.
Parents that push children so much that they feel overwhelmed often leave not time for the children to do anything other than eat, sleep, go to school, and participate in sports and activities. Young children need certain things to be able to develop and have what is considered a normal childhood; however, being overwhelmed with activities can take away from what may give them a normal childhood. Sports and other activities provide a variety of benefits for children, but children need a life outside of sports and activities to feel like they have normal childhood. Often, children who are involved in an overwhelming amount of activities miss out on important childhood experiences (Elkins 66). “Childhood is good for children after all” (Smith 40). Children need time to have unstructured play, which “allows children to pursue their interests, express their personalities, and learn how to structure their time” (Elkins 66). In the article “Do We Push Our Kids Too Hard,” Gaines says “Unstructured play is as important as any structured lesson. Kids need to be left alone. They become more…

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