Medicine During The Civil War

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During the Civil War, medicine was an important aspect for every soldier due to the fact that many soldiers had to fight and ended up with injuries also there were many types of illnesses. In this essay, I will focus on the advance of medicine during the Civil War. Also how the soldiers and civilians were treated as well as how sanitize their location was, are questions I will try to answer. Also, I will like to include some of most known causes of deaths during the Civil War and the types of diseases that soldiers would come in contact with. Include who was in charge of the hospitals during the war. I will also include information from letters and documents that the nurse and doctors wrote while the Civil War was going one and what kind of establishments were created and the kind of equipment they used in the hospital. Since the period of the Civil War was and is consider to be the start and growth of the medical industry it is important for me to find out why.
Advances included amputation and the anesthesia inhaler. The surgeon noticed the best way to save deadly infections was to simply cut off the area quickly as possible. Among the people save by having and amputation is Daniel E Sickles, the eccentric commander of the Confederate. Amputations save a large amount of lives than any other procedures also made complex injuries simpler. To be able to complete these procedures, they would soak chloroform in a handkerchief and place over their nose but the chloroform would
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