Medicine, Health Care, And Philosophy Essay

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Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy is a European scholarly journal focused on topics related to medicine, health care, and philosophy. The genre of this publication is science with a focus in medical discipline. 2. Who publishes this periodical? Is the publisher a commercial or non-profit venture? Springer Publishing is an independent company that focuses on publishing works regarding the health care field. The publisher is a commercial venture. 3. What is the purpose of this publication? How are readers expected to use it (inform, activism, etc.)? The purpose of this publication is to provide research professionals opportunities to share their research, opinions, and interact with one another. Readers are expected to use it to inform themselves. 4. What types of articles and regular features does this publication include? The publication includes articles that cover topics in medicine and philosophy; both research and opinion based articles. 5. Does this publication seem to have a particular political orientation? Does it advance a particular cause? Explain. This publication does not seem to have a particular political orientation and does not try to pursue a particular cause. The cause is to inform other professionals and the public to the issues in the health care industry. However, this publication is more directed towards professionals than the public. 6. Who is the audience of this publication (in terms of the traits we discussed in class—age,
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