Medicine Is Not Child 's Play

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Shyanne Ward
Mrs. Lozares
Honors English II
15 February 2017
Medicine is NOT Child 's Play
1. Ever since I was a little girl I knew that when I grew up I wanted to become a doctor. Both of my parents were in their early twenties when they had me, they were in their first year of college. My dad majored in business, while my mom was went a different route and was working to become a nurse. She would talk about how working in the medical field ran in the family, but she always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be and that if I didn’t feel like it was my calling to become a doctor then there’s nothing anyone can do about it. My grandma got me a doctors kit for Christmas one year, and pretty much ever since I knew that I was
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A pediatrician should be able to take any problem and analyze it and think of different ways to solve it. You should be a pretty social person, you’re going to talk and interact with many different people on a daily you don’t want to come off uncertain or rude, it wouldn’t make parents want to bring their child to you. You should remember that you are working with children, who can be a little more dramatic and emotional than an adult, compassion would be a good quality to have. You need to be able to work well under pressure, working with children can get scary at times, but you can let that get in the way of your job ( OK College Start. org).
4. When looking into pediatrics you should know that physicians and surgeons have a demanding education and training requirements. Mostly all physicians need to complete the minimum of 4 years of an undergraduate school, and 4 years of medical school. When going into medical school most applicants have at least a bachelor 's degree, but you can go into medical school with a more advanced degree. Medical schools are highly competitive. You should keep that in mind while in highschool and college, it’d be smart to join as many clubs or classes that will help you in the future (Bureau of Labor Here at Durant High School they offer health science classes where it gives students who are interested in going into a health career daily hands-on exploratory experiences and
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