Medicine Is Not Just Been My Career Choice

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Half awake, I could still hear the loud agonizing cries. I grabbed my mini stethoscope and hurried downstairs to observe an impressive array of tasks to save lives. Though, I was a child, it was not the first time I had seen a critical patient with a busy medical crew around. I grew up in a hospital where both my parents worked full-time. Gradually I started imbibing the quintessential values of a medical career to the point when helping others was no longer an act, but a way of living life. This is why I believe, medicine has not just been my career choice but a personal journey of self-discovery and human revelation.
In 2004, I donated all my savings to the Tsunami relief fund, which sowed the seeds for the growth of the person I had chosen to become. Since then, years of experience as a president and a member of various Non-governmental organizations (NGO) including the American Red Cross Society has inculcated in me the compassion and leadership qualities.
During my medical school, attending several enlightening workshops on “Art of living” and meditation, assimilated in me higher moral values and an inner code of conduct. While, the hardships of staying away from home at a boarding school with acute shortage of basic amenities were testing me, I maintained a rank in top few students throughout my medical school. Teaching health issues and nutritional requirements to primary school teachers and in Primary Health Care(PHC) centers of villages, exposed me to a completely
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