Medicine in The Elizabethan Era Essay

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Did you know there was a time where infectious diseases like the common cold could kill you and your family? This was the elizabethan era probably the last time where sickness became the “grimm reaper” before modern medical advancements. With infectious diseases spreading and killing so many people doctors became desperate. Because these doctors knew very little about medicine, they were completely willing to try experimental treatments on their patients (Alchin). Sadly just about anybody with an infectious disease died. All the knowledge these doctors knew were based on: Humours, what brain function each internal organ controls, and how to protect themselves from it.
Furthermore, the basic knowledge all these doctors knew were: There
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Leeching is a totally different process, where they'd use leches that would suck the blood and hopefully the humour that was out of balance.
Similarly, physicians and doctors both believed each internal organ was a source of something that the brain produces. First would be the liver, not the heart, was the source of emotions (Ross) - most likely because of its closeness to the heart. The heart was the source of love (Ross), thats why everyone makes that connection. The spleen was the source of anger and the stomach was the seat of courage (Ross) - They probably got this idea from the fact that when you’re scared or nervous your stomach “turns”.
Additionally, common diseases of the the time were: Rheumatism, arthritis, tuberculosis, and dysentery these were referred to as the flux (Alchin). The main treatments for these disease were bleeding and leeching to restore balance to the humour (Ross). Smaller problems like headaches or head pains were treated with sweet smelling herbs (Alchin).
Obviously, at this era in time social class meant everything, this could even determine what kind of treatment and doctor you would have. At the top were the physicians - only the very wealthy had physicians because the physicians fee was 10 shillings. One step lower than the physicians were the surgeons they were similar to barbers. A step lower than the surgeons was the barbers who were only certified to pull teeth or let blood (Alchin). The
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