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Mediclaim vs Critical Illness Policies - What’s the Difference?
There are various kinds of health insurance policies available in the market. The basic types are mediclaim policies (also called health insurance policies), critical illness policies, hospitalization cash benefit, unit-linked health insurance plans and senior citizens’ health plans.

A lot of people often get confused between general health plans (also called mediclaim policies) and critical illness policies. This post makes an attempt to clarify the difference between the two health insurance products:

Mediclaim vs Critical Illness Insurance Plans: A Comparison

1. Basic Feature: First, while mediclaim or health insurance policy is an indemnity policy i.e., it
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Finally, which health insurance policy – general health (mediclaim) or critical illness policy – is better? Should you go for mediclaim or buy a critical illness policy?

Actually, both policies supplement each other as they serve different purpose and therefore you require both. Imagine you’re diagnosed with a cancer. Now, while your mediclaim policy would be able to take care of your medical bills, what about loss of income if you remain on leave for long and what about post operative expenses? What if you become permanently disabled and bedridden due to paralysis? I hope you got the point.

Looking Beyond 80C: Section 80 Other Tax Deductions
Everybody knows that section 80C along with section 80CCC and section 80CCD of Income Tax Act, 1961, allows a tax deduction of Rs 1 lakh from the gross total income. I’ve already given a brief overview of various tax saving options and investment avenues eligible for deductions under section 80C and also discussed the variouslimitations of section 80C.

But, did you know that apart from section 80C, there are many more tax deductions available under section (u/s) 80? You can avail deduction under section 80D for health insurance, section 80DD & section 80DDB for medical treatment, section 80E for educational loan, 80G for donations and 80GG for rent paid.

Here’s a list of 7 such deductions available to individuals under section 80:

Medical Based Deductions
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