Medieval Art And Architecture Of The Gothic Architecture

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The term Gothic comes from Giorgio Vaasari, he used the term to ridicule the medieval art and architecture. Putting the art aside, the architecture of the period was quite awesome, cathedrals stand today as a testament to this. The Gothic style was birthed in France as the Romanesque style evolved. The Saint-Denis was the first Gothic cathedral; it was designed Abbot Suger in 1144. Gothic Cathedrals were marvels in their time as they towered above the cities, they frequently reached over 150 meters tall. The Cathedrals were built with the intention of looking like a Latin cross; the two parts that make up the Latin cross are the Nave and the transept. The three elements that make Gothic cathedrals different from previous cathedrals are the Flying Buttresses, pointed arches and the ribbed vaults. Although these items are cornerstones for what Gothic stands for, the façade with the three door portals, the rose window and twin towers are what characterize French Gothic cathedrals. The door portals are one of the main characteristics of the French Gothic façade. The portal is part of the porch, which usually starts at the steps leading up to the cathedral. The portals of the French façade are unique because of their deep recession and how ornate they are. The façade (main entrance to the cathedral) of the French Gothic cathedral has three door portals, each into a different section of the cathedrals. Each portal delivered a different message with its stonework, this work
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