Medieval Childhood

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If they survived past early childhood, children in the Medieval Ages, mostly lived lives through hard work and determination. Most children did not have the privilege of living the lifestyle that many children have now days. To have children it was especially dangerous during the Medieval Ages, especially for women that had complications. A cause of celebration was a safe delivery and a healthy child. When a woman was pregnant, she would lay in bed or months with the help of midwives. A man was never aloud to see the birth of his child. Women had to stay in a birthing rooms during their pregnancy. Woman had to kept the room warm and clean with purified scented herbs in preparation for the child’s arrival. Many women used birthing stools or…show more content…
According to the law, at the age of twelve the girls could marry; most of the time it was uncommon to marry at age 12 unless they were considered nobility. Peasant boy children at this age stayed at home and continued to learn and develop domestic skills and husbandry. Urban children moved out of their homes and into the homes of their employer, or master, depending on their future plans. Noble boys learned skills in arms, and noble girls learned basic domestic skills. The end of childhood and entrance into adolescence was marked by leaving home and moving to the house of the employer or master, entering a university, or into church service leaving their family behind.
Having ample time to play was also important to the life of children in the Middle Ages. Toys then were made from their families’ own hands. Sometimes children would make their own from things they found around their house. Most older children read stories that were myths or stories about traditional heros. Their toys included dolls, tops and blocks, and an example of one story that they might have read would have been Robin Hood. A little girl might have dressed up a doll as a courtly lady or a boy might have made a castle out of his blocks, and they would play make believe just like children today (Children
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