Medieval Europe : The Dark Ages

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Medieval Europe: The Dark Ages
By: Robbie Kees, Keegan Sokorai, Lizzy Heinemann, Victoria Crooker, Zack Dahms, and Lily Lugiano

Europe fell into the Dark Ages in 410 AD, when the Mother of the World fell to economic and social troubles. Rome had supplied food, language, and knowledge of architecture and farming, et cetera. So much, in fact, that Europe was conquered immediately after Rome fell. The Visigoths are a tribe of nomadic barbarians from Germany, who are more commonly referred to as the Goths. They were the ones who conquered Europe after the Mother of the World’s demise. The phrase “Mother of the World” refers to Rome and it’s power. Rome was the most powerful city before the Dark Ages. The Europeans depended so heavily on Rome to supply their demands, such as food and trade that when Rome fell, Europe descended into economic chaos
During Dark ages Europe, many advances Europe had at the time were gone, such as wealth and knowledge. There were many unpleasant factors in this downward spiral in humanity. At the time in Europe, there had been mass starvation since many trading cities were destroyed by Vikings . Diseases such as measles, smallpox and bubonic plague killed many people as well. Raiders such as Vikings and knights looted villages and killed anyone or took them captive if they stood in their way. There were many revolts of the townsfolk because most emperors at the time were more interested in wealth and personal gain than for the good of their
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