Medieval European Culture Research Paper

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Three things that I have learned about the culture of Medieval Europe, the Medieval Islamic Empires, and the age of European exploration that I think have shaped today’s world are Algebra, Maps, and Art. Algebra has taught us so much on how to make life easier when using numbers. Maps have been indicated us on how to travel the earth, without the early explorers mapping the world I don’t know where we would be right now. And last but not least, art. Art was created to entertain people and it still does. People now a days create art for passion, a pass time, or just simple money. Believe it or nah, algebra has revolutionized the world for humans. Know a days, it is essential that you know algebra, if you want a job that pays out well. Apparently…show more content…
But you realize you got something in your back pocket and it is a phone. You quickly whip that sucker out and ask siri where you at? Turns out she says you in a women's bathroom in Vatican City, Italy. You would have never know that without the help of maps. I learned the explorers such as, Amerigo Vespoochie, and many others mapped the area they traveled upon, like Amerigo exploring America and naming it after himself. One of the things that were very popular during the renaissance was art. Art was created to decorate and beautify the walls of many buildings. It entertained people as they walked by at amazement of pictures that are know still famous and valuable. Like Mona Lisa, it is still famous now-a-days. It’s used in movies, shows, and memes around the world. Many other paintings as well have affected the world in artistic ways, mostly decorum. Algebra, Maps, and Art are three valuable things. We should cherish them with all our hearts. I really don’t know where we would be without these helpful things. These are basically the three essential items for life. Once you learn to master all of these ideas, your set to be something big, maybe bigger and more important than the vice president of the United States of America. Thank
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