Medieval Medicine, Illogical and Superstition Essay

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The middle Ages was a time action and great emotion. Almost all the European inhabitants became Christian, because of this, the church had a lot of control over the people. The church used the beliefs of the people to control them, collecting land and taxes and making laws. The Bubonic Plague spread to Europe, the plague killed about 75 million people of world died from one single cause. Many superstitions were created cause of the Black Death, generate idea that were thought to prevent the plague but really did. Medicine was also not being studied carefully and correctly at the time. Not a lot of science was being use to conduct and create medical procedures and medicinal drugs. Medicine in the middle ages was primitive caused improper …show more content…
One of the greatest services provided by the church was transcribing and preserving the Greek medical manuscripts, (Rogers 26). The along with religion is culture and culture gives you a reason for what to do or how to go about situations. Childbirth was done by midwives whose knowledge was based of folklores and traditions, (Rogers 32). Doctor and nurse of some in some institution mix spiritual with physical healing, (Rogers 32-33). Practitioners are combining religion and belief and making incorrect techniques and may not have help the patient. Religion controls and dominate the medical community. the two main reasons ways why the medical community had a hard finding a cure for the Black Plague and other illness was because the people of the middle ages believed the supernatural explanation and the church opposed scientific experiment and supported the cultural theories, (Dawson 58). The Church prevented the possible cure for the plague and imposed faulty guides on how help prevent the plague that never was proven. People worn pins and brooches with phrases that supposedly protected them from a specific harmful illness, (Newman 262). Phrases on pins can not prevent illness this belief or a superstition that was made assuage the people minds and they believed it.
Incantation were very common and were magical healing method and used with medicine or while gathering or mixing, (Newman 262). Newman is saying here that
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