Medieval Medicine. Life For People During The Medieval

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Medieval Medicine
Life for people during the Medieval Times, also known as the Dark Ages or middle ages, between 400 – 1450 was incredibly difficult due to disease and illnesses being spread throughout Europe. Medieval medicine during the time was easily misunderstood and generally mistreated. As a result, disease spread rapidly, deaths occur at outrageous numbers, and caused people to turn to various forms of medical help. To understand medieval medicine, we must first be able to look back at the origins and review its transformation in time. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, medicine is defined as “the science of practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the disease” or “a compound or preparation used for the
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The everyday medical care people received took place in the village and conducted by an untrained medical practitioner (Wigelsworth). So who were these untrained medical practitioners and what did they encounter daily. Often times, townspeople with ailments sought out local folk healers, those who practiced healing through experience without regard to science; religious leaders, since the illness was considered to be a punishment from God; apothecary owners, people who maintained a well-stocked on herbs, spices, and oils. At the time, trained medical physicians were very limited and came with a cost. If a family could afford to hire a trained physician or a barber surgeon, they received slightly better medical treatment (Kelly 19-28). In regards to women, male physicians were not allowed to examine women and had very little knowledge regarding how to treat women medically.
The overall health in the middle ages was not good by any means. At no surprise, disease was greatly misunderstood and often believed to have been transmitted by the wrath of God, dependent on the individual’s astrological sign, or a result of witchcraft. Many illnesses could easily have been contributed to the horrid hygienic conditions. The middle ages were often referred to as “a thousand years without a bath”. This allowed the environment to become overrun with
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