Medieval Music And England During The Time Of 1066-1500

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Medieval Music in England from 1066-1500s
What significant developments or achievements from Medieval Music in England during the time of 1066-1500 CE has had an impact on today’s music and how?
The Medieval Times had a lot of trading and invasions of new lands. Countries exchanged ideas to other countries, introducing new discoveries and inventions. During Medieval England, music was a current and changing development, with composers changing their music all the way to the growth and decisions of the Catholic Church. But without other foreign countries and kingdoms such as France and Germany, todays would have not been what it is now. The Importance of Medieval Music in England
Music was a very important asset to the peoples’ society. According to historians, the medieval period was the beginning of the unbroken tradition of notated Western music. Music was the one thing that all classes could enjoy, royals, nobles, women, slaves, anyone could listen to music being played out on the streets. Music was used in cathedrals and abbeys, dances and was even part of poetry. Most of the poetry from the Medieval Period known today were sung in front of crowds during events and festivals. Vocal music was very important in churches and worshipping. Back in the medieval time, there weren’t any radios, so all of the music was played live. Festivals, celebrations and the holiday season were very popular times for music. During an important holiday, Mayday, the dancers danced to high

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