Medieval Times: Feudal And Social Class

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Medieval Report Everything in Medieval times everything was based on the Feudal System or the social class. It determined your rank, power, wealth, and freedom. Things that were based on the system included even falconry, architecture, knighthood. But the plague did not care what class you were, it would kill anyone. The plague was a ruthless, quickly spread, and killed thousands maybe millions. It came in three forms; bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic. The symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, which can be as large as chicken eggs, in the groin, armpit, or neck. They may be tender and warm. Others include fever, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches. It could come from contaminated water, and was also carried by fleas that were on rats, dogs, and cats. For this reason the King killed all dogs and cats to try to get…show more content…
Before they could wield swords and fight battles they must start their training early in boyhood. First starting to care for horses and play the harp. Next they became a Paige. They learn archery skills and improve on other skills. Then a Squire who finally practice sword play and improve on horse riding. Last after being dubbed a knight by their king or queen they become a knight. They can now lead armies into battle and joust for the king, queen, lords, ladies, and rich nobles. They had many weapons including a battle ax, a lance, a crossbow, a longbow, a shield a sword and many more interesting weapons. There were also many pieces that made up their armor, but the biggest thing was chain mail. It was a brilliant invention that stopped warriors from getting stabbed but they could still feel the momentum of the blow. A few knights belonged to the king, but mostly the knights and armies belonged to the lords and ladies. Once they find out the king is out numbered by thousands they decide to rebuttal throwing the whole feudal system
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