Medieval Towns Were Surrounded By Moats

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Medieval towns were surrounded by moats, which were built by digging a large ring around the town and then filling it with water, most likely the water would come from rivers. Next to the moat was the town walls, the walls were built with stone or brick and was the main defense for the town going side by side with the moat. In-between the walls there were towers, these were used to see out across the land, and was mainly used as a vantage point. To enter the town, you would have to approach the main gates and had to be let in by the guards of the town. Now moving into the inside of the town. Towns are usually built around a castle or monastery, making it the center of town where most of the trade happened. Roads were very narrow, and there was not a lot of space for the population of the town to move around. Using a generic layout of a town, the main roads went from the west wall to the east wall, and the north wall the the south wall, each side of the wall had a gate entrance, where the roads meet is where the castle or monastery was most likely going to be. Most of the buildings in the town were residential homes for the population and houses varied depending on the rank of the resident. People on the higher rank, aristocrats or land owners, could afford more expensive and appealing homes, while middle class (usually clerics or traders) and peasants would live in plain buildings that were usually a couple stories high, so that more people could live collectively in a
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