Medieval University Research Paper

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Medieval university was found during the High Middle Ages for the desires of higher education. First educational universities were established in Italy, Spain, and England during late 11th, 12th, and the 13th centuries for the Arts, Music and Medicine. There are some issues, which were ruled at that time and they do not exist in modern age. Like, No one can take lecture before twenty-one, he has to listen arts at least for two years. There were seven liberal arts but four of them fields were very advanced which are Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy and Music. If someone dies during arts or theology, half of the master’s student were able to go funeral first time then rest of the half students were go in next funeral. No Master lecturing in arts is have to wear anything instead of cope. No one can eat meat in the house on Advent, also on Monday or Tuesday of Lent. Even community were not allow to take food in rooms. If someone has a guest he will have to eat in hall. If he wants to eat more or his guest than he has to pay for it. Girls were not allowed to study and not allowed to in their rooms.…show more content…
We are free to take any class or any lecture for specific time. Now there are many different studies in different majors. Women are free to study or whatever she wants to do, she is equal to men and his rights. We can free to eat everywhere or anywhere. We can eat meat for whole week. In conclusion, I will say that I am very lucky that I am studying in this era instead of medieval university and their rules. I am free to do anything and study anything which my interest tells me to
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