Medieval Vs. Medieval Education

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Medieval Education in England
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Medieval Education in England
Many people in modern day take education for granted. Some say that compared to the average American student many people have virtually nothing. In the middle-ages, education was so much more bias. There were actually laws created in some instances to prevent people from being educated. Though it may seem backwards to do this, considering a king or queen should want his nation to be as strong as it can be, it is fact that it took place in England during that time. Education was severely different in this time with who received education, what was taught to students, and everyday school life.
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There were virtually no girls taught in early medieval England. If taught anything at all, the girls would nearly always be sent to a nunnery. There were a few exceptions of a girl being put in a legitimate school, but the parents would have needed to be extremely wealthy and powerful. On top of that, the girl would still only be taught a few select courses (Havlidis, 2015). More often than not, if a family was wealthy enough to have schooling for their daughter they would just hire a personal tutor or pass on their own education to her (Trueman, 2015). Private schools, as in a school at someone’s home ran by that home-owner, would allow girls in more and more, especially near the end of the middle-ages when women’s education was starting to become more and more accepted (Havlidis, 2015).
Elizabeth de Clare was a very influential person when it came to changing how education would be given to others. During her time, she was one of the wealthiest women in England and among the wealthiest of all people as well. She had a belief, much like several people in modern day, that everyone deserved an education. She gave money to hundreds of civilians so that they could afford schooling regardless of their social status. Several people would even go to her daily for what could essentially be thought of as welfare money for schooling (Simkin, 2015).
What was taught to students There were essentially three main kinds of schools in
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