Medieval Vs. Medieval Education

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Medieval Education in England
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Medieval Education in England
Many people in modern day take education for granted. Some say that compared to the average American student many people have virtually nothing. In the middle-ages, education was so much more bias. There were actually laws created in some instances to prevent people from being educated. Though it may seem backwards to do this, considering a king or queen should want his nation to be as strong as it can be, it is fact that it took place in England during that time. Education was severely different in this time with who received education, what was taught to students, and everyday school life.
Who received education
Education was all but exclusive to the wealthy and powerful. It was all but pure fact that only the rich could come close to affording it (Trueman, 2015). There were very few people in the entire country that had an education at all. In the year 1330, it was estimated that less than five percent of the population was able to read or write at all. King Richard II went as far as passing a law preventing any tenants for the rich from sending their children to school at all (Simkin, 2015). Public schools had a completely different meaning in this time period. Even these schools were exclusive to the rich. The only thing majorly different between public schools and other schools was that they drew students from all over the…
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