Medieval Vs. Medieval Era

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The Medieval, or Middle, Ages in Europe have often been called the Dark Ages, since they seem to have been lacking in many ways. However, the Church was always shining the light of the Gospel in even the darkest of places. “In the very bosom of this doomed society, a power remained which was capable of giving meaning to the drama, of bringing order out of disorder, of integrating the Barbarians into civilization and of using their youthful energies to restore the world to vigor and health. This power, to which the West owes its salvation, was the Church.1” Medieval Europe was, in many ways, more Christian then, than it is now. The Medieval era can be divided into three parts: the Early Ages, the High Ages, and the Late Ages. Each had its own achievements, shortcomings, and beliefs, but they are all inextricably linked. Though the Middle Ages have been called Dark, they always had the light of the Church shining in them.
The Early Ages started in 476 A.D. with the fall of Rome to barbarian tribes. The Popes from that time on had to run everything themselves, due to a lack of support from Byzantium, the eastern part of the empire. “Severed from Byzantium, and with Rome in the hands of the Barbarians, the West had only itself on whom it could rely.2” The countries of Europe now began to heal from the inside out. Ireland started this with saints such as Patrick, Brigit, and Columbanus, who spread new ideas of Christianity, such as private penance, throughout Europe.…
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