Medieval Warfare And The Middle Ages

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During the Middle Ages, particularly 1200 – 1500 CE, medieval warfare was prominent within society. Medieval warfare is the warfare of the Middle Ages. In Europe, technological, cultural, and social developments had forced a dramatic transformation in the character of warfare from antiquity, changing military tactics and the role of cavalry and artillery. Warfare was an essential part of the Medieval European society, as they would often go on raids and siege castles to diminish their enemies’ forces and become more powerful themselves. However, while warfare was prominent, religion was as well and it played a huge role in the daily lives of the medieval European population. Christianity in particular was very effective in controlling the populations through the use of the bible and European leaders would also say that a religious figure demanded their allegiance. The rulers of Europe would often use religion in a psychological manner, controlling the people through their immense faith. The leaders within Medieval Europe used religion as a superficial entity in order to attain their true goal which is the accruement of land, wealth, and ultimately, power, demonstrating that religion was not the primary motivator of medieval warfare. Religion was a very important aspect of daily life within Medieval Europe that led people’s lives and affected almost every aspect of the way people lived in the Middle Ages. The Church taught that there was only one true religion,
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