Essay on Medieval vs. Renaissance Art

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Medieval vs. Renaissance Art Art during the Italian Renaissance differed from art during the Middle Ages. The two have contrasting characteristics and concepts. To the people in the medieval world, religion was their life. Everything in daily life focused around the church and God (Modern World 164). Medieval culture influenced the arts; this was evident in the religious themes. During the Italian Renaissance, painters and other artists focused on the portrayal of a more humanistic way of life. Renaissance artists’ work portrayed realism with “lifelike human figures in their paintings” (Modern World 164). Renaissance artists wanted to express ancient Greek and Roman cultures in their work (Modern World 162). Italian Renaissance…show more content…
Renaissance is another word for “rebirth.” Some of art history’s most recognized paintings were created during the era of the Italian Renaissance (Modern World 162). Paintings became more lifelike and realistic. During the Renaissance, a form of painting, called linear perspective, was created: Linear perspective is a mathematical system for creating the illusion of space and distance on a flat surface. Linear perspective was first used in Florence, Italy in the 1400s by Brunelleschi, an artist and architect. However, the first person to write the rules down was Leon Battista Alberti. Many artists have developed a concept of Alberti’s system for artists to follow. Leonardo da Vinci probably learned Alberti's system while serving as an apprentice to the artist Verrocchio in Florence. (Exploring Linear Perspective) The concept of linear perspective is simple to understand. There is a horizon line, which is the point where the sky meets the ground. There is a vanishing point, which is where all the lines of the painting run inward to meet the horizon line (Exploring Linear Perspective). Famous artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, started out as an apprentice to a master of art. Tasks of apprentice may include chores for his master, running errands, and preparing supplies. During his time as an apprentice, he would have learned different skills such as sketching, painting, and sculpting from
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