Medisy Case Summary

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Art Beaumont, the newly hired president of MediSys Corp, created a core team in August 2008 in order to accelerate the IntensCare project. Team consisted technically competent employee in six areas: research and development, engineering, software design, production, marketing and regulatory affairs. Jack Fogel, a senior production manager was assigned the project leader. IntensCare project was very important to the success of Medisys but the team had very tight schedule. However, differences started to emerge soon after which obfuscated the future of IntensCare project.
Lack of communication (mutual interaction) and dearth of reciprocal influence becomes evident as we go through the case. Also, Team members shared limited information which
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Jack Fogel, the project leader failed to outline the clear vision of where they are going. He became the part of clique inside the group and supported Bret O’Brien’s ideas ignoring Valerie Merz. As a leader, Jack Fogel also failed in development function of the team. Team feedback and coaching are the two important steps in team development. Lack of information sharing and growing conflict among the members affected the group…show more content…
Valerie Merz’s focused on the business side of the project but Jack Fogel focused more on technical details. Their goal contradicted with the overall goal of the project i.e. launching the project in August 2009 ahead of their competitors. Personal differences created the conflict of interest and hindered the decision making process. This created problem in team design. At individual level, Jack Fogel and team should work towards improving interpersonal relationship. This involves listening to all the group members and understanding their point of view. Jack Fogel should put Valerie Merz and Bret O’Brien’s together and discuss about the modular issue. Valerie Merz must explain the team why modular implementation is important from the marketing point of view. Similarly, Jack Fogel should ask Dipesh Mukherjee to stop working in isolation and to design a timeline as to when the Indian team will finish the software development. Communication will help reduce the team differences and fosters the interpersonal
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