Medisys Case

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MediSys Corp. :The Intense care Product Development Team
(Anne Donnellon Joshuad.Margolis)
It was just six months away from MediSys 's planned August 2009 launch of IntensCare, their new remote monitoring system for use in hospitals ' intensive care units. The company was investing $20.5 million in the new system, which represented the most ambitious project in the company 's 10-year history.
Valerie Merz, marketing manager for IntensCare, was feeling enormous pressure as she reviewed the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the product development team. Once again there was no scheduled time to resolve the debate over the modular design that she knew was critical to successful adoption and long-term success in the market. Without
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2. Once the leadership agreed on a new idea , Marketing developed product descriptions from customer needs & responses to new Medisys concepts, & then passed these on to product Engineering & Software Design
3. Engineering & Software design developed them into product specifications, & passed those on to the regulatory group who researched and, where necessary, conducted clinical trials to test prototypes of the systems.
4. Once these specifications were finalized, they were passed on to the production group, which arranged for the fabrication& assembly of the products.

In August 2008, Beaumont introduced a new parallel system for product development in which a "core team" of people assembled from all the critical functions—R&D, Marketing &
Sales, Product Engineering, Software Design, Regulatory, and Production—worked together continuously to move a product from conceptual stage to final production. For every core team, a project leader was designated to orchestrate its work, keep an eye on the complete project, secure resources for the team, and serve as a liaison to senior management. Beaumont believed that the project leader needed to have cross-functional expertise, a track record of high performance, and the respect of his or her colleagues.
Most of MediSys 's professional employees embraced the cross-functional team design and parallel development process. Conceptually, it fit their entrepreneurial and team-like
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