Medisys Corp Case Essay

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MediSys planned a launch of IntensCare which is a new remote monitoring system for the use in hospitals’ intense care units. This is a major launch for the company because it is a $20.5 million investment which is the largest investment for the company. MediSys Corporation is facing many external problems along with experiencing problems internally trying to finish the product by the set deadline. The company is having many issues. The issues consist of dealing with the software development, failure to communicate effectively, and lack of motivating factors. The first problem to be identified is the cross functional teams’ inability to communicate effectively. The purpose of a cross functional team is to put people with different…show more content…
Bret is the lead engineer and has only two engineers under him. Multiple projects along with the launch of IntensCare are split amongst the two engineers under him. Bret’s partner Dipesh is in India most of the time so they do not get to communicate as much. Also, it is stated that in the engineering department that dates and quality are the only drivers for them to accomplish company goals. There are many alternatives that can be implemented. The first alternative is to hire more engineers to ease the workload for the engineering department. The second alternative is to bring Dipesh back from India to help the engineering department to focus more on the project and add incentives for performance. The third alternative is to hire a consulting company to help resolve the debate over the modular design that she knew was critical to successful adoption and long-term success in the market. The pros of hiring more engineers to ease the workload for the engineering department are it will relieve some of the stress that the department is facing on the project and allow the company to put the new hires on other projects so that Bert and his team can focus on the IntensCare project which would lead to more effective communication amongst the cross-functional team. The cons of hiring more engineers is that the company will have to pay extra money after already making cuts to the department and have to spend unnecessary money and
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