Essay on Medisys Corp Intenscare Main Points

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* IntensCare (a $20.5 million new system who later got an additional $20 million from the new President and who determined a new goal: Launch an innovative, world-class MediSys product by August 2009) * Valerie Merz = Marketing manager (new external hire). Sole Assignment = manage IntensCare as a business for the next three years * Jack Fogel = Sr. Production Manager and project lead * Art Beaumont = new President hired to sharpen strategic focus while keeping innovative culture and rapid growth * Aaron Gerson = from R&D group who had the idea for IntensCare. Concerned with oversees development (outsourcing) * Peter Fisheer = from Sales group later promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing * Karen Baio = Regulatory…show more content…
The management style does not reflect the entrepreneurial spirit- it was more of command and control culture with more emphasis on technical excellence.4. 4. Cross functional teams- c. Although it fit their entrepreneurial and team-like approach, it was more disciplined and formal then they were used to.- d. Core team members continued to report to their functional managers whoc ontinued to supervise and evaluate them.5. 5. Tight deadline given by Beumont for the launch of innovative, world class product by August 2009.- e. Team considered the deadline set by Beumont to be very aggressive, considering the different difficulties they were facing.6. 6. Any changes in design would threaten a delay in production. The team had tomeet strict quality, and regulatory standards

* List out the factors contributing to team conflict?1. 1. Two well-known public competitors, with deep pockets and strong reputation in industry, were moving into MediSyss key markets with products designed to compete with IntensCare

The belief that teams make us more creative and productive - and are the best way to get things done - is deeply entrenched. Where teams go wrong. Shockingly, most of the time members don't agree on what the team is supposed to be doing or even on who is on the team. The belief that bigger is better also compounds problems; as a team
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