Meditation 17 Persuasive Essay

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“Meditation 17,” by John Donne and “I am a Rock,” by Simon and Garfunkel, are two works of art that focus on the same theme. Each piece attempts to describe what the best conditions are in order to achieve a good life. Both works exhibit imagery, appeal to emotion, and conceits to prove their opinion and claims. Although these methods are helpful, repetition is the most beneficial persuasive method. “I am a Rock” and “Meditation 17” use the method of repetition to persuade and build an individual’s claims. “I am a Rock” emphasizes that life is best when lived alone. Repeatedly, the song echoes, “I am a rock” and “I am an island” (Simon). The repetition of these words points to the fact, that when alone, pain and sorrow are not present. Through
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