Meditation And Meditation

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Let us suppose you have not meditated this morning, your day yesterday was busy and there was some emotion and worry present, and today is very busy, there was not time to meditate. This, as previously mentioned, is one of the obstacles that needs to be overcome, so today you have not created the space and silence, you have not aligned, your mind is full of the day, you have your schedule and you have many things to do, you are immersed in your tasks, you have identified your thoughts and feelings with the tasks, the tasks have become part of yourself within the three worlds, so your tasks then become coloured by your emotions and thoughts connected with the tasks. The result being, the tasks will become harder, especially if also you have a worry concerning them within time and…show more content…
You will know this as the silence that you can experience, but it is not just the silence of the mind you will experience, it is the silence that you feel within the space of your environment. This can be active throughout the day, then your day will not produce all those things through the Law of Attraction that will turn your day into a nightmare.
As the Spiritual Man relays consciousness, then your consciousness will know what the Law of Cause and Effect is trying to tell you. You may ask, “Why does all this happen? Why cannot life just be an easy flow from one thing to another without any obstacles? Why do I have to meditate without any apparent

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