Meditation In Frankenstein

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The approximate value pertaining to the job was nothing, a lack of gain drizzling on top of the frustration within the mind. It was haunting. Though the ultimate reward could be much, it was ever tempting. Like a dwarf swooning over gold and jewels. Perhaps the conflicting portion of gain was in what the reward could be. For fortune and fame was unwanted by such an individual. Having more than enough riches and plenty of reputation, this creature wanted little. Placed within a position of meditation, the perfectly etched figure was content in superior posture. Strong contractions of the lungs inhaled the crisp cool oxygen and exhaled a warming mist against pale pink lips. Loosing closed eyes allowed for images and illusions to pass through…show more content…
And finally, as a devilish smirk arose, a swirling memory of better experiences came with it. Elegance and grace denoted the form utilized by the skilled mercenary. Having years of experience and training, it was as if the she-elf moved with confidence and poise. In a game of wits, the she-elf was rarely predictable and therefore rarely lost. Recalling the tracking of a target, the senses recalled each action. As the invincible ironwood bow was draw, the muscular system tightened to form a dominant handle. Pressing an arrow against the braided cord, the tension upon it would be paramount. As the mark moved in the line of sight, controlled breathing steady the frame. Within hesitation the arrow was loosed. The moonstone arrow head burrowed into and through the skull of the objective. Brain matter would follow behind it, covering the three rows of swan feather fetching. Moving in swift strides, the arrow was retrieved in moments. Removing a dagger from its leather home, the head would be severed from the body of the intended job. That’s all killing was to this creature, a paycheck. As the razor sharp blade was returned, a twisting motion would proceed quickness in…show more content…
Snapping out of the memory, Thesys rose from meditation and carried herself out towards the throne room. Silent as usual, the movements would not be alarming. Certainly, the Prince would be prepared to attend to matters and time was not something she was fond of wasting. Stopping just before the doors, a nearby wall would become the resting place for her until called upon. Leaning with a boot making contact for support, her right hand pulled out a dagger to inspect. Noting the other Elven looking creature carrying the small one, her exquisite purple hues only watched. Never one to tend to others injuries for her mindset deemed it weakness, she would not
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