Meditation Replacement For Patients With Depression Essay

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I: Main topic = Meditation replace medication in terms of treating depression.

A.Introduce main topic, thesis, terms, etc (Introductory Paragraph)

i. Hook: The recognition of depression as a common mental illness should lead to studies regarding what form of treatment is best for a patient, but antidepressants seem to be the unimpressive go-to. ii. Terms discussed in paper: CBT: Cognitive-behavioural therapy; HEP: Health enhancement program; TAU: Treatment as usual; TRD: Treatment-resistant depression; Mediators: Measurable changes during a treatment; MBCT: Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy;
iii. Argumentative thesis: Although many people assume medications such as antidepressants are the only way to treat patients with depression, meditation is a better choice of treatment as it prevents relapse in patients that are recurringly depressed, is accepted by a large portion of patients that are typically unwilling to take medication to treat their depression, and rebuilds brain structures affected by the mental illness,

iv. Connecting sentence: Furthermore, while medications repress depressive symptoms, the mindfulness taught in meditation teaches an individual how to acknowledge and dismiss such symptoms, resulting in a lower rate of relapse or recurrence of depression.

B. Meditation prevents relapse for patients that have been recurringly depressed three times or more (Body Paragraph 1)

i. Topic sentence:
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