Meditationes Sacrae And Human Philosophy: If Knowledge Is Power

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Sir Francis Bacon once proclaimed in his book Meditationes Sacrae and Human Philosophy, “Knowledge is power.” If “Knowledge is power,” than whoever teaches his knowledge would possess the power over the student. Likewise, when parents decide where to enrollee that school whether public or private possess enormous power to shape their young child’s life. Since they possess great control over a parent’s child, it greatly affects the kind of person that child will turn into. Where children go to school affect their whole lives. Where Children attend school shapes their perspective on life. For instance, if a child went to a Christian school then his educator would certainly teach him with the bias of Judeo-Christian worldview. Similar to the fact that when a child attends a public school more than likely one would be taught with a basis of evolutionist viewpoint. Not only does every teacher demonstrate his lesson with some bias, the instructor chooses books to support his beliefs. Also books presents a certain out look of life shaping the reader’s worldview. Another example is when a child who attends a Christian school more than likely believes in an all-powerful God unlike an average public school where they teach with a secular or Evolution ideology. In addition, teachers can change one’s whole position or reinforce another’s position of life.…show more content…
You leave his or her worldview in the hands of the teacher. What one is taught effects what they believe and how they behave. How one behaves can affect what type of job they have or whether they have friends. What they believe based on worldview’s effects how they deal with death or natural disasters. Where children go to school very important. As Nelson Mandela, a president of South Africa once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the
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