Meditations On First Philosophy : Rene Descartes

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Philosophy Essay 1
Rene Descartes was born in in La Haye, France, in 1596 and he studied at La Fleche Jesuit College and University of Poitiers. Descartes also lived in Germany, Holland and Sweden. He then worked in the army as a private councillor and then as a court philosopher. Descartes book ‘Meditations on First Philosophy’ was first published in 1641. The edition used to write this essay was edited by John Cottingham and was published by the Cambridge University Press in 1996. Descartes was the first philosophy to be influenced by autonomy and physics and he also worked it all out for himself by not accepting the views of previous philosophers. During the 2nd meditation Descartes aims to forget all the preconceptions about reality and his senses and he is looking for a doubtful starting point for his thoughts . The meditator goes onto explore ontological questions about being, such as; does God exist and if the mind is better known than the body. The meditator comes to the conclusion that God does exist and that the mind and the body are two distinct things. At the end of meditations, Descartes stops writing for the nights and he comes to the conclusion that all the factors that he listed in the First Meditation are doubtful and he also continues to remind himself to not accept beliefs with the relevant evidence that they are true.
This essay will explore Descartes argument that the human mind is better known that the human body, in meditation 2. This
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