Mediterranean Diet Outline

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Nutrition in the News: Outline Thesis: Going on a Mediterranean diet reduces the risks of developing cardiovascular (heart) diseases. Background: • A Mediterranean diet consists of high consumptions of whole grain, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, and nuts with moderate intakes of chicken and fish. 2 • The lifestyle of someone on a Mediterranean diet includes being physically active every day and eating meals with family and friends. 3 • Cardiovascular diseases include heart attacks and strokes.1 • People, especially diabetics, who follow the Mediterranean diet are less likely to suffer from sudden heart attacks and strokes. 3 • Plant-based foods (fruits and vegetables) are linked with lower blood pressure and cholesterol (fat) levels among adults. 3…show more content…
Participants were given a questionnaire and given a “Mediterranean diet score” or a “Western diet score” based on the foods they consumed.1 • Four years later, researchers followed up and found that the risk of heart diseases were reduced by 1/3 for those who follow the Mediterranean diet.1 • Results recommend that focusing more on eating healthy rather than avoiding unhealthy foods is better for those with heart disease.1 • A flaw in the study is that it’s not completely reliable because the study relied on people’s memories on what they consumed.1 Original Research Article: • Observational study in which researchers randomly selected 15, 828 subjects (age > 60 years) with heart disease from 39 countries and questioned them about their diet.2 • News article didn’t mention that only 15, 482 subjects
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