Medium As A Metaphor

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This book is about Medium as a Metaphor, that means that we should not believe that everything is as it may seem, that everything states for something. It is the history of Message and the ways of transmitting it from the beginnings until now days, from smoke signals and wall drawings until the modern technologies that Media uses now days. I found it full of information presented in the funniest way.
Trying to see the American spirit, the author talked about different cities and what ideas they represent. We must say that the author’s arguments are funny especially when he is talking about the President of the United States as being a movie actor and we can link that to the show Saturday Night Live.
Moving further, we can agree
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If they call me an entertainer , I say that’s great. When a professor teaches with a sense of humor, people walk away remembering “.
The main point was that everything should be done in a funny way to influence the masses.
For example, at our German class, we have many funny activities and games and we have to get involved in order to obtain a good and pleasant result class this is the only way we will “ walk away remembering “ .
The book speaks about “ Marxists, Freudians, Lévi- Straussians “ and Plato four influential thinkers of out times . They focused on the art of conversation and all the techniques and technologies that allow people to exchange their ideas. Starting from this idea we are introduced into the history of what is called this days “ conversation” , sending a message and Media.
At the beginning people used smoke signals to communicate and this over time turned into a complicated and complex way of communication. This main circle can be divided into smaller ones. For example, when children are young they communicate first by signs and by simple sounds to express what they wish or feel , at the age of 5 the child starts understanding and using simple words and over the years they will develop the communication skills and improve their vocabulary every day
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